Strata Pathways™

Automates patient flow management, reducing time spent on manual transition processes, increasing clinician intercommunication and strengthening health care system performance across the care continuum.

Strata PathWays™ makes it easier to intelligently transition patients between care settings.

Today’s health care systems operate in silos, making it a challenge to transition patients across care settings. Clinicians are often taken away from their patients to coordinate transitions by phone, email and fax. Frequently, they work with an incomplete picture of the patient, downstream care options and wait times. Determining if a client meets the acceptance criteria–or if an appointment has been scheduled–can be a struggle. Mistakes are made. As a result, clinicians, patients and the healthcare system all suffer.

PathWays™ is an innovative cloud technology designed to match patients’ clinical needs and preferences to available and appropriate resources across the care continuum, in real time. Clinicians are presented with up to the minute information on the patient, available care options and wait times. Patients can then be matched to the most ideal individual or package of health programs, services or specialties. Strata PathWays™ is configurable to each health region’s individual needs. The solution integrates seamlessly to existing IT assets, ensuring optimal workflow and clinician adoption.

Day to day, PathWays™ improves conditions for clinicians and patients. In clinics, primary care physicians can better match patients to an available specialist. Specialists receive referrals that are complete. At specialist appointments, patients are not asked to rebook due to missing information. In hospital, patients move from emergency room to acute care faster. They are discharged to downstream community care sooner. Inappropriate re-admissions are reduced. System-wide, clinicians spend less time on paperwork and more time with their patients.