Strata Homefirst™

Helps Health Regions to request, modify and manage service requests for home care services, all in real time.

Strata HomeFirst™ streamlines Home Care Service Contracting and Delivery.

Home care services are essential to assist patients to safely live at home and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions. Home care services can be delivered by internal health region staff or by contracted service providers.

Strata HomeFirst™ streamlines the process of requesting home care services from the appropriate service provider. The solution allows clinicians to create, modify, or extend service plans for patients requiring care.

Service requests are queued to service providers in real-time with real-time status changes available to both the health region and the service provider to streamline billing reconciliation, authorized hours of service are tabulated, and compared against what was actually delivered.

HomeFirst™ assists health jurisdictions in analysis of existing contracts with Home Care vendors, helps to manage unmet need and supports future resource planning. Alberta Health Services today manages over 4 million Home Care service hours through Strata HomeFirst™ .