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The £500 million discharge fund will be given to local authorities and ICBs to introduce tailored solutions that speed up discharge and benefit patients. With over 21 years of experience in this area, an investment in Strata Health will pay dividends.

The Problem: Discharge Performance

The majority of delayed transfers of care are attributed to a delay in receiving suitable social care.

Data Source: NHSE Delayed Transfers of Care Data

What’s causing DTOC?

The most common reasons for delays are:

1. Lack of capacity within the residential or nursing care home setting (ARNHP, 25%)

2. The need to wait for a care package (ACP, 21%)

3. The need to wait for further non-acute care (AFNAC, 18%)

Figure: NHSE data analysis by Akeso shows delayed transfers of care in hospital days by cause since 2010/11.

The Solution: Strata Health

The Strata PathWays suite of solutions offers a complete toolset to deliver:

Discharge 2 Assess

A fully integrated (interoperable with acute EPR and Local authority digital solutions) discharge pathway with bidirectional referral communications – proven in the UK and globally to get patients Home First once determined no longer meeting the criteria to reside.

Bed Based Intermediate Care 

Fully integrated care pathways to facilitate access and placement into IC beds, including real-time capacity management for health and social care to optimise this key resource.

Continuing Health Care 

A fully integrated CHC digital process that includes RPA to streamline administrative process and a full audit process for any future decision reviews.

Care Home Capacity Brokerage

Enables care home bed capacity to be seen across the health and care network in real time. No huddles, forms to report on, form to submit, or inaccurate recaps that are out-of-date the minute they are printed.  

Tap into our single suite of best practice tools to safely transitions patients to their next level of care

  • Integrate with leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and community and social care patient records
  • Eliminate manual workflows with digital tools and automation
  • Match patients via intelligent algorithms to the best downstream health, social care or social prescribing package or provider
  • Communicate with providers through secure messaging
  • Receive real-time referral status notifications
  • Reduce delayed transfers of care
  • Optimise capacity of downstream services and free up beds


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