Canada’s Strata Health™ Chosen to Redesign UK Trust Discharge Strategy

April 28th, 2008 – LONDON, UK Strata Health presented strategic recommendations this week completing a major consulting study within the UK’s Havering Whole Health Community. The Study was commissioned to analyze acute patient discharge to Community streams across the Whole Health Community – a network of NHS PCTs, Acute Trusts and Social Services in the Havering area just outside London.

The Havering Study outcomes have been endorsed by all parties, and has resulted in Havering NHS moving forward – in cooperation with Social Services – to implement an innovative integrated single point of acute discharge to all community care streams – whether NHS or Social Services managed.

Strata Health has built its Canadian reputation delivering optimized system access and patient experience by redesigning system patient flow processes and entrenching those processes via its cutting edge technology – Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™. Now – the UK is leveraging that Canadian expertise in its pursuit of improved acute and community access.

“This was challenging work – but the Strata Health team approached the project by listening to our front line, and then challenging each distinct team to put the patient at the centre of all interactions between our multiple organizations” commented John Cowman, Associate Director – Performance for Havering PCT. “The project has clearly empowered our member organizations to cooperatively improve coordination of discharge to Community for the benefit of all stakeholders in our Health Community. These guys understand patient flow.”

The Study leveraged over 30 clinical focus groups, and mapped existing manual processes across two distinct stakeholder groups – the NHS and Social Services whose clinicians both work towards client placement to community care, but who have traditionally worked in varying degrees of isolation from each other. The project identified a ‘shared best practice’ model based on dialogue with clinicians and management from all services.

Mapping identified significant communication and operational gaps between organizations resulting in client placement delays, blocked hospital beds, clinician stress and real challenges in consistent communication between the organizations which will be addressed in the new model.

Havering’s NHS and Social Services teams came together with this innovative study looking for better ways to work together in delivering an optimal patient journey for their shared client, while reducing ongoing discharge delays within the acute sector. The Study recommendations will be deployed in Phases beginning May 2008. This was Strata Health’s third NHS project as UK aging demographics put increasing stress on patient access with the acute and community sectors.

About Strata Health Solutions Inc: (

Strata Health leverages technology to achieve dramatic patient flow improvement within health systems. Our clients say they’ve entrusted us with the job of creating patient flow solutions that achieve real and dramatic benfits for patients, their families and the world’s devoted front line caregivers. Operational in Canada, the UK and Australia/New Zealand, Strata Health is a privately-held Canadian corporation. It is comprised of professionals with empathy for those who need care and intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others.

Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ is an online, real-time waitlist optimization system practically improving the patient experience and system access. Connected to care providers in the community, it provides front line clinicians with real-time tools to flow appropriate post-acute patients to available bed and program openings. The e-Referral system radically reduces the time that patients occupy acute care beds after they have been assessed for discharge into alternative community programs – now including Mental Health & Addictions, Rehabilitation/Sub-Acute, Home Care, Continuing Care Centers, Assisted Living, Palliative, Physiotherapy and Adult Day Programs.

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